Tirenthur is an old town, one that used to be part of Cyone before Gideon took it in a war to extend its borders. It is one of the few towns to have a castle and a town hall.

Tirenthur is considered to be a backwoods town by many citizens of Gideon. It generally handles its own affairs and rarely bothers with the rest of the country. However, there is a strong military presence in the town due to how close it is to the border with Cyone. It seems to almost always be under attack, and many outsiders question why anyone would want to live there.

Those that do live there, however, know of the beauty of its expansive, forested park. It is one of the few places left in Gideon where one can enjoy the wilderness without fear of werewolf attack.

The castle of Tirenthur dates back roughly fifteen hundred years, in a time when each major city had a ruling noble. The walls around the city are that hold as well, but they have been well maintained by the citizens of the city. The town hall is a newer addition, one made only seventy-five years ago when the city was taken from Cyone in a war called King’s Folly.

The city has only a general store and an alchemist. The general store does have a smithy, however, and sells more weapons than the average general store. It has a guild hall for all major guilds, a source of pride for the citizens.


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