The Dam

A mostly military town, The Dam has only one major road traveling throughout it, and has only two non-food shops.

Despite this, The Dam is a major city in the life of Gideon. The military base that it holds runs the day-to-day operations of the Gideon River Locks along with the city on the other side of the Falacyan Mountain Range, Cinderhome. Cinderhome is a civilian town, so the military base here serves as security for both sides of the locks. The Dam also protects the entrance to the tunnel that leads to Fort Fire’s Den, the seat of the Gideon Government.

The Dam’s two major shops are a blacksmith and a general store that sells a little of everything, but excels at nothing.

The walls of the Dam are of a unique construction, affording maximum strength with as little material as possible.

The Dam

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