Irator contains a lot of water. All of the oceans are connected, however they are still classified as separate entities.

Sea of Distraught- The ocean that surrounds Akalorn. So named because its waters have claimed the lives of many sailors. It is a treacherous ocean, not to be sailed by any but the best of helmsman.

Palitic Ocean- The ocean of the norther and eastern shore of Rayjolus. It’s the ocean between Falatose and Seria. It connects to the Sea of Distraught. Also connects to Bylior.

Ninth Circle- The frozen ocean that surrounds Leatta. It is traversable only through the use of specially designed ships, called Ice Forgers. It connects to all oceans but the Sea of Distraught

Asailus Ocean- The calmest of the oceans, it is occasionally referred to as the Sea of Tranquility. It connects to Chiorn, Gira, and Bylior. Favored by traders for its peacefulness. There are a few trouble areas that are favored by the Pirates.


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