Irator is the name of the planet that all games set in the Forgotten Legends Universe. It is a world as varied as it is vast. It has five continents, of which only three connect. Rayjolus is centered in the world, and connects via land bridge to the continent of Gira. Gira is a small part of the largest landmass on Irator. The rest of the landmass is considered to be part of the continent Chiorn. Seria, or what remains of it, is a part of the continent Bylior. Finally, on the north pole, exists the cold and barren continent of Akalorn.

Irator contains vast oceans, all of which are connected. One can sail from the shores of Rayjolus all the way to Akalorn by traveling south and through the south pole.

Small islands surround most of the continents. A large island, called Leatta, is found near the south pole. It is covered in snow, but has a very short summer of one or two months. An ancient temple exists there, but no one has ever truly seen it. It remains largely a mystery.

Irator is the mortal plane of existence. It does not include Heaven or Hell, which are two separate planes of existence.


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