Ilesmouth is very old. Supposedly, the oldest buildings date back before Ginendoa was even a small village. It’s walls were erected long before the Gideon grew more prosperous, thus preventing safe expansion.

With its closed walls, Ilesmouth soon became home to many powerful men, and it gained a reputation of being an elitist city, something that carries through today.

Ilesmouth has no guild halls, and its docks host only private ships. It is a trade up only for private shipments, and just getting inside is very difficult. As such, little is known of this city’s workings. However, citizens of Crosstown frequent the city as they are employed as servants and other such laborers.

The city of Ilesmouth has no major shops, except its alchemy shop, which supposedly offers potions and poisons no other alchemist is willing to support. It does have a bazaar, but much of the sales made in the city are between business men who are selling stocks or mass quantities of goods on ships in the harbors.

The level of wealth in the city is astonishing, and many report that the homes in the city are among the most beautiful in all of Gideon. The plague of werewolves seems to have left this city untouched by fear.


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