Freedom stands in stark contrast to the city just across the river, Ilesmouth. This contrast was purposeful, and is noticeable immediately by the name.

As the city on the river nearest the ocean, a ship carrying immigrants to Gideon believed that Ilesmouth would be a safe haven on its journey, perhaps even a place to settle. However, the ship was turned away, and since it was running low on supplies, forced to beach on the other side of the river.

This was three hundred years ago. The immigrants survived the harsh, werewolf-infested conditions and formed the city Freedom. With immigrants flowing into Gideon, Freedom quickly expanded, and the shanty town became a prosperous city. The city walls have been expanded once to incorporate a shanty town that had sprung up outside of the city.

Freedom has a blacksmith, tailor, alchemist, town mage, and a guild hall for all major guilds. Its most prominent feature is its expansive bazaar that features many exotic goods from multiple different countries. It is one of the few major cities which actively posts and maintains a job board that is not associated with any guild. However, the board tends to host jobs that are far more than they seem to be.


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