Below you will find the pages for all of the continents.

Rayjolus- The most prosperous of the continents, it contains the country Falatose. Being in the center of Irator, it has a strangely varied climate. It’s countries are as varied as it’s seasons.

Gira- Connected to Rayjolus via an unclaimed land bridge. It is the smallest of the continents, and is home to ancient and frightening people, however there is a human colony there.

Chiorn- The largest continent, it adjoins to Gira. While Rayjolus and Falatose hold the largest school of mages, Cyacus Towers, Chiorn has the largest network of active and experienced mages.

Bylior- One of two island continents, Bylior isn’t very large. It is largely desert, with forests around the rim.

Akalorn- Cold and barren, Akalorn has no countries. It covers the majority of the north pole. Colonies exist on the only habitable parts, the southern coasts.


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