CInderhome is the most prosperous of the cities in the southern half of Gideon. Its name is taken from the name of the mansion that stood where the city now stands. The mansion was burned down, and a small village sprung up on its grounds, eventually expanding into the walled wonder that is now Cinderhome.

Cinderhome is the civilian side of the Gideon River Locks that allow ships to quickly pass through the Falacyan Mountain Range. It is a unique city in Gideon in that it straddles the river and is the only civilian town to do so.

Its proximity to the river gives it two distinct things that few other cities have.

First, it has a prominent warehouse district. Many of these warehouses bump up against the river, allowing ships to easily be unloaded. This ties into the fact that it houses the hub of Gideon’s most extensive horse-drawn carriage network.

Secondly, Cinderhome has a vibrant Fish Market, home to some of the more exotic fare of the Gideon waters.

In addition, Cinderhome houses a Fighters’ Guild Hall and a Mages’ Guild Hall, as well as a blacksmith, alchemist, town mage, tailor, and a bazaar. The city is often seen as one of the most lighthearted of the cities, and it is often said that “while in Cinderhome, you don’t need ale to have a smile.”


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