The werewolves in Irator are not something to be taken lightly. They can, with ease, take down armies should they put their mind to it.

Long ago, the werewolves in Irator were great and powerful warriors. They were concentrated in Falcyan, who used them as the honor guard for the King, as well as the powerful, go-to forces for ending wars. They even had their own god, Lyseria, and their own temple. In those days, the werewolves were beyond comparison when it came to power. Even some of the strongest Cyacus wizard would be terrified of them.

The ancient werewolves were capable of moving so fast it often appeared as if they were teleporting. They were capable of throwing large boulders that weighed upward of twenty tons. They could shift at will between human and beast form, and could barrel through spells as though nothing had happened. One soldier who had somehow survived an encounter with a werewolf retold the story of his blade shattering upon impacting the beast’s fur. On average, a werewolf squad would contain five werewolves. There is no record of ever sending an army with more than two squads except one. The army deployed with four werewolf squads and nothing else.

However, when Ordanor arrived in the world of the living, that all changed. He corrupted the werewolves and turned them away from Lyseria. Many of their powers disappeared, and, without Lyseria there to help keep them sane, many lost their minds to the beast. Lyseria responded by cursing them to live forever in their beast form, with only a select number with truly powerful minds capable of transforming back to human form. Those who can are often slave to the phases of the moon. Today, even the most powerful of werewolves are mere shadows of the ones who lived before the Falcyan Civil War.

There are two types of werewolves in modern Irator.

Divine Werewolves come in two flavors: Feral and Sentient. These are the werewolves born of the gods, and the dominant species in Rayjolus.

Feral werewolves have no control. They have completely lost themselves to the beast and use tactics similar to those of wolves. However, despite this, they are still very powerful. They are capable of feats of strength that include shattering tree trunks with a single blow. They can sprint with a speed of 400ft/s, and their howl can shatter eardrums. In addition, their bites infect the victim with Lycanthropy. Left untreated for a number of days, and the victim will become a werewolf

Sentient Werewolves have regained their control. They have all the powers of werewolves, but can use tactics and are as sharp as the best tacticians in the military. There have been no record of sentient werewolf attacks on humans, most likely because no one has survived such an attack. These werewolves are very rare. They are able to call Feral werewolves, normal wolves and dire wolves to their aid with their howls. In addition, their bites are fatal to most mortals, but those who are strong of will may receive Lyseria’s blessing and join the ranks of the Sentient Werewolves.

Diseased werewolves are those created from the bite of a Feral Werewolf. They can still take the form of the werewolf, but they are not nearly as strong. They are still faster and more powerful than the average human, but they are nowhere near as terrifying as the Ferals. This type of werewolf is the only one found outside of Rayjolus. Their bites infect others with the Lycanthropy disease. Their transformations are mostly controlled by the moon, although a select few can transform at will.


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