Traveler's Rest

Named after the inn that dominates the life of this small village (which has since been renamed Traveler’s Rest Inn), has gained a reputation for being a village of hospitality. It only has a general store, but its Inn is a favorite among many travelers who pass through.

Because of this, the Inn is the focus of this sleepy town in Gideon. It is where most of the citizens are employed- well, those who aren’t farmers.

The intriguing thing about the town is the ancient statue that sits outside of the town. It is old enough that it predates the small village, but there are no inscriptions or records as to what it is there for. Scholars have taken to calling it the Nameless Soldier.

Scholars also have another interesting thing to investigate while staying in Traveler’s Rest, that of a recently discovered Abandoned Mine. No one knows how old it is or what secrets it contains, and thus the Inn is packed weekly with those investigating the strange mine.

Traveler's Rest

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