The Coil

The Coil is the plane of all mortal beings. It consists of the entire universe, including Irator].

The Coil is also where all the gods of the Libatany pantheon live. They have no part in governing Heaven or Hell, although the Angels swear fealty to Zayutan. The only link between these worlds exists in the form of Death, who ferries souls to their final plane of existence.

The Coil has two sub-planes:

The Pantheon is where the gods live. The Atral Plane is where many wizards and sorcerers go to meditate or speak with other wizards.

No sentient beings, apart from the gods, on Irator have yet turned their eyes to their stars in major depth, although star charts exist. It is unlikely any knowledge of the stars and planets besides Irator are very accurate.

The Coil

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