Ordanor, the god of Darkness, is the only evil god in the Libatany Pantheon.

Although his domain is not inherently evil, Ordanor grew weary of being the god no one prayed to, and vowed to take Irator by force.

He began by corrupting the werewolves, twisting the holy gift from Lyseria into a maniacal curse that destroyed Falacyan’s trust in them. The few werewolves who managed to hold on to their sanity went into hiding to avoid being hunted.

With the greatest threat to his control ruined, Ordanor summoned the great titan, Darkness itself. He used his power over Darkness to control it, and led it in a vast bid for power. It was only through the power of The Six and the entire pantheon of gods that Ordanor was stopped. He was imprisoned during the events of The Battle of the Thorn and cast into the rift between planes, where it was intended that he would rot for all eternity.

However, Ordanor escaped The Thorn 10,000 years later and attempted to use his same strategy as before, but he was stopped by a new set of The Six and his powers were ripped from him.


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