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Welcome to the Elements Wiki Table of Contents.

This wiki is a table of contents for all the information related to the lore of this world in a neatly categorized format. Tags will be implemented into the wiki as soon as possible.

Not all pages are listed here. Much of the lore is difficult to categorize, especially the minutiae. If you remember the name of an event, use the search function. If not, ask your GM.

Important Campaign Pages

Libatany: The primary religion of Irator, and the one whose gods you may encounter.

Rayjolus: The continent your campaign is taking place in.

Gideon: The country your campaign is taking place in.


Irator: The name of the planet that is primary to the world of Elements.

Oceans: The oceans found on Irator.


Rayjolus: The most prosperous continent, Rayjolus is in the center of all maps of Irator. It has a strangely varied climate, with equally varied countries.

Gira: Connected to Rayjolus via an unclaimed land bridge. This is the smallest continent and is home to ancient and frightening peoples. There is a human colony there.

Chiorn: The largest continent, it adjoins to Gira. While Rayjolus and Falatose hold the largest school of mages, Cyacus Towers, Chiorn has the largest Mage’s Guild.

Bylior: One of two island continents, Bylior isn’t very large. It is a desert surrounded by forests on the rim of the island.

Akalorn: Cold and barren, Akalorn has no countries. It covers the north pole, with colonies on the rim of the continent. Largely unexplored.


Leatta: An island near the south pole. Extremely dangerous, and barely explored or mapped.

Known Planes

Heaven: The plane of the gods, it is where good souls go when they pass on.

The Coil: The plane of the mortals.

Hell: The plane of eternal torment, it is where demons and devils reside. It is where evil souls go when they pass on.

Known Famous Items

Weapons of the Six

Robes of Equinus

Helm of the Sentinel

Ring of the Voidwalker

Momentous Events

Falacyan Civil War

The Battle of the Thorn

The Rise of the Six

Famous People

Dark Mage



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