Libatany, the Religion of Irator by Kiras, the High Priest of Zayutan

Our great church derives its name from the ancient Falacyan word for Death, Libatas. As followers of Libatany, we believe that Life is Chaotic, and that only through the order of Death can Life truly have any purpose.

In the beginning, there was only Mana. In this sense, Mana is a living organism that is not aware of its own existence. Because of this, Arcane and Divine magic on Irator are highly intertwined.

Mana would randomly expel energy from itself, and this energy eventually fromed into two distinct, sentient beings, both of who could access the limitless power of Mana directly.

Life is a chaotic, impetuous child. It does what it wants, when it wants. It created Heaven as a paradise it could play in, but eventually got bored with paradise, and so it created Hell, a place as chaotic as its creator. But Life soon got bored with even these, and began to populate these two planes with beings of its own creations.

These creatures were deformed and tormented, as Life could never quite be bothered to finish making them. Life would initially play with them in Heaven, before sending them to Hell when he got bored. These beings became the demons and devils that plague mortals to this day.

Eventually, the other sentient being became angered at Life’s constant bad decisions and horrendous actions, and put a stop to it.

Death is a reasoned, wisened old man. He recognized that this could not continue, as Mana was growing more and more restless. Death utilized his immense power to seal Life in a new plane, the Coil. This plane was initially shaped as an infinite amount of coils of solid matter, something that Death new Life would never tire of. Death then sealed this plane away from Heaven and Hell into a sphere called Irator.

Soon, Death grew bored in his isolation, and once again tapped into Mana. He created the light and used it to make stars and suns, and used the shadows to make other planets. Unknowingly, by creating light, he created a new sentient being, The Darkness. This being hid for millenia, waiting to snuff out the light.

But all the stars in the galaxy were not enough to keep Death entertained, and soon he turned his thoughts back to Life.

Death returned to Irator, and created the oceans as a window into the imprisoned Life. Life was still vastly entertained by the infinite coils, but he had let off some excess energy. Death took this energy, which as born of Life’s infinite creative spark, and used it to create the gods. Death then gave the gods access to the power of Life, and told them to populate Irator with their own creations.

Zayutan, the King god, created all of the sentient races of Irator, and blessed them with ingenuity.

Equinus, the god of the Sea, created all ocean life.

Lyseria, the god of Beasts, created all the land animals, and blessed the most powerful of the sentient races with his divine gift of Lycanthropy.

Mentus was angry that he was not allowed to create anything, and cursed some of Zayutan’s creations with Vampirism, thus earning his title as the god of Deception.

With all the creations now decided upon, Pralto, the god of Earth, created the continents to give all of them a home.

The reamining gods chose their own domains, and the remainder of the pantheon was settled as thus:

Nuver is the goddess of War.

Ylium is the god of the Night and Stars.

Tryonor is the god of Weather.

Torial is the god of the Humble and Downtrodden.

Calius is the god of Luck and Fortune.

Faria is the goddess of Love.

Volan is the god of Culture.

Ordanor is the god of Darkness.

With these powers delegated, Death felt his role as creator was no longer needed, and took up the role of transporting the souls of the creations of the gods to Heaven or Hell. His final task was to create the Angels to keep the demons and devils in Hell in check.

The gods are Death’s arm, and they care personally about everyone one of us mortals, as we are their creations.

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