Ginendoa is the economic capitol of Gideon. It houses the most citizens and is widely considered a travel destination by most tourists, adventurers, merchants, and many others.

The city boasts three major destinations for many people.

The first is the Shipyard. Although not the largest shipyard in Gideon, it is the largest shipyard available to the public, and has turned out quite a few landmark designs later incorporated by military organizations the world over.

The second is Dark Blade Keep. With a rich history deserving of its own story, the Keep has long been abandoned as the seat of power of the government, which as moved to Fort Fire’s Den. Despite no longer being the seat of power, it is still a vacation home for the Royal Family and holds the most advanced prison in Gideon. It stands on a high bluff overlooking the shipyards. It is open for civilian tours from 8 am to 7 pm on weekdays.

The final major destination in Ginendoa is Merchant Street. Spanning the length of the city, this street is filled with shops of all kinds, from blacksmiths to tailors to art stores. it passes through Grand Plaza, a massive city square that contains museums, libraries, and a park, with monuments to heroes of Gideon. The Plaza is where the luckiest and most profitable businesses are located, with the world famous blacksmith, William Hazel, occupying a storefront. The Grand Plaza also holds City Hall and a guild hall for each major guild, as well as a very large building used as a sort of hall of halls for smaller organizations. The street represents the easiest way to get to the Ginendoa Docks.


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