Gideon Mages' Guild

The Gideon Mages’ Guild is the only organization of spellcasters in the country of Gideon. It has close ties with Cyacus Towers. and is in most cases considered an extension of that institution.

The Guild provides a number of services for its members. It has a network of stores providing casting supplies and other magical needs. An advanced job board system, coupled with the use of magical communication coins makes it easy to disseminate information and quests to the guild members. Free room and board is provided at all guild halls, as are supplies and basic necessities.

The Guild does not accept anyone who cannot cast arcane spells. Those who cast divine spells may join the Church of Rayjolus, and warriors may join up with the Gideon Fighters’ Guild.

The Mages’ Guild has guild halls in the following cities:

Gideon Mages' Guild

Broken Home ArthurSlightom