Gideon is the largest nation in Rayjolus, however, despite its size, it is not as prosperous as its neighboring country, Falatose.

This lack of prosperity is due to three major issues.

Firstly, the upper half of the country is heavily forested and populated by werewolves, making it dangerous to travel.

Secondly, the Falcyan Mountain Range splits the country in two, and the mountains are treacherous and dangerous to cross. This is alleviated by the river, but there is only one that spans the length of Gideon, further inhibiting travel.

Finally, the government itself is corrupt, inept, and controlling. This makes trade with other countries difficult, and moving goods down the river is a weeks-long journey since it is controlled by the government and their blasted paperwork.

Despite these problems, many people call this place their home and will fight desperately to protect it.

Gideon is made up of seven major cities and six villages, with other settlements found throughout the country. The government’s seat of power is in Fort Fire’s Den, reachable only via a tunnel accessed through The Dam. It has seven recognizable land marks, two major guilds, and one minor guild. It also has secret organizations. This page will be updated with those organizations as the players discover them.

Primary Religion: Falatosian Religion

Major Cities:
The Dam
Fort Inosha

The Keep
Border Town
Traveler’s Rest

Military Checkpoint
Fire’s Den
Fort Fire’s Den
Abandoned Mine
Gideon River Locks
The Great Shipyard
Falacyan Mountain Range

Major Guilds:
Gideon Fighters’ Guild
Gideon Mages’ Guild

Minor Guilds:
Sailors’ Guild

Known Secret Organizations:
Stonehold Guild
Gideon Black Market
Falatosian Assassins’ Guild


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