Fort Inosha

Fort Inosha is the primary staging point of Gideon’s army and navy, and home to the Great Shipyard.

Often viewed by many outsiders as a drab and dreary town, those who live in the city know otherwise. With the soldiers often needing a break from the chores of soldier life, the taverns of Fort Inosha are often packed, and there are near nightly parties in the town. In fact, so many parties broke out in town that the military paid to build a party hall so as to contain the potentially violent affairs of its citizens.

To help ensure military security, the road actually goes underground when going through Fort Inosha. There is only one ramp, placed in the center of the undergound highway, that allows access to Fort Inosha. This is a military checkpoint, and any wishing to enter the city must submit to a search here.

Fort Inosha has a blacksmith, tailor, alchemist, bazaar, Fighters’ Guild Hall, a court wizard, and one very prominent inn, know as The Honeyed Badger.

Fort Inosha

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