Broken Home

Mystifying Beginnings

Each of them- Strale, Soren, Narsius and Logan- recieved a strange letter, informing you of a job opportunity in Ginendoa, the largest and wealthiest city in the country of Gideon. The letter requested their presence in a place called The Tavern, one of the largest and most renowned taverns in all of Rayjolus.

Upon arriving, Alethe, the writer of the strange letters, invited each of them over to his table. He informed the group that the job opportunity mentioned in the letters was for a noble. Alethe, however, had no more information on the job, and suggested the newly formed party head to the noble.

Without further delay, the party traveled to the Rich District of Ginendoa. The district was filled with massive homes belonging to some of the richest and most powerful people in all of Gideon. Alethe led the party to what was arguably one of the largest, featuring its own grounds that include a pond and small grove of trees. The centerpiece of the large grounds was a massive mansion, of approximately 5 stories. It was designed to look like a large, fantasy castle.

The grounds had a patrol of five guards, with two additional guards stationed on the gate to the grounds. Using the letters as proof of admittance, the guards let them in and took everyone into the front door. There, a butler took the party through the beautiful mansion and into a study deep within the house. Here, the noble greeted and informed the party of their quest.

The quest was simple: Go to a cave and recover an ancient dagger. However, the noble requested that the quest be completed as discretely as possible. If the general populous discovered that the future head of Ginendoa security had been robbed by three lowly bandits, they might question his worthiness to the job.

With the location of the job and a charter that would let the party into the cave, the group set out to complete their job.

With only minor difficulties encountered on the way to the cave, the party arrived quite quickly. the guards let them in and they began their investigation into the bandits’ hiding place. As the party searched the cave, they realized quickly that it had a false wall. Behind the wall were cases containing valuable weapons beyond belief. The cases were enchanted with a spell to summon Death, an enchantment that had claimed many would-be looters’ lives.

Upon discovering the hidden room and recovering the dagger, the party left to report back to the noble… only to discover he was murdered, his limbs arranged in the same symbol that was on the cases. Upon the noble’s discovery, a spell activated that made everyone within a 1000 foot radius believe the party had in fact murdered the noble.

With guards stationed throughout the Rich District at nearly every street corner, the response time resulted in guards surrounding the grounds within two minutes. While the party attempted to flee by lighting the house on fire, they were still apprehended.

Within ten minutes, the party was locked inside a prison cart and began their journey to Dark Blade Keep


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