Broken Home

Vengeful Ghosts Part 2

After regaining their balance and discussing their findings, the party began to examine the house. They found it contained multiple traps, such as dishes that caused someone who carried them out of their room to trip and hurt themselves, and moving pillars that lit places on fire.

Splitting the group, the party managed to cover most of the house before finding the amulet that had been mentioned by Daroron in his journal. After taking the amulet, they used the Sword of Time they had found to destroy it, and a man appeared.

The man revealed that he was Ordanor, the god of Darkness, and he had imprisoned himself in the amulet after he had been fatally wounded in order to recuperate. Now that he was out, he thanked the party and rewarded them with what he called the Polearm of Light, a weapon very similar to the Sword of Time.

After doing this Ordanor left, although the party noted that he seemed more happy than they expected the vengeful god of Darkness to be.

Despite this, the party left the house and continued on their journey to investigate their lead.



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