Broken Home

Vengeful Ghosts Part 1

The party began their sojourn through the werewolf-infested northern woods of Gideon. They moved quickly, making sure to avoid guards and major cities. However, four hours into their journey, Cyrus experienced one of his episodes and set fire to a tree only a few hundred yards from a guard tower. This forced the party off the road and into the trees far earlier than expected, extending their journey by a day.

On their trip through the woods, the party encountered a strange abandoned campsite where they found a strangely powerful weapon, a flaming, heartseeker long sword. The weapon had a third, possible dangerous, enchantment that mentioned manipulating time. Alethe found a journal mentioning that the group who made the camp was delivering a package- most likely referring to the sword- to Cyacus Towers. The party decided to store the sword in the bag of holding they found it in (of course keeping its abilities secret from their pyromaniac friend Cyrus). Completing this, the party made camp for the night.

While camping, the group was attacked by a low level mage who had a scroll for a powerful summoning spell. The party killed the mage and discovered he carried a letter authorizing a kill contract on the party. The signature was that of the mayor of Fort Inosha.

They arrived at roughly noon in The Keep. The party found the residents of the Keep yelling at the mayor of the town, angry with his inaction on the invisible house. The party immediately offered their aide, helping alleviate the tensions. After listening to the town members, the party began their investigations.

Cyrus, Layla, and Strale traveled to a house that had burned down years ago. They discovered in the basement a summoning circle used to summon a Balor demon. Cyrus also found and translated a journal that suggested the man who performed the ritual had most likely been possessed by a demon. The man called himself Daroron after being possessed. They also found the bodies of children who had been sacrificed to summon the demon.

Alethe and Logan, on the other hand, went to talk to the principal of the school of children who had been taken by the house. Logan went to speak to the principal, who mentioned the children had been talking about an imaginary friend they called Rory. Alethe spoke to the children, who described Rory eeriy similar to the man who was reported to come out of the house. At this point, Logan and Alethe met up and began to follow the children home to keep them safe, with Logan agreeing to meet up with other from the group and discuss their findings. However, the house found them, and Daroron, aka Rory, took them into the house.

Strale, Cyrus, and Layla all exited the basement to find they too were in the house, staring at a mystified Logan and Alethe.

An evil cackle filled their ears as the lights were snuffed out in the house.



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