Broken Home

The Second Lead

After investigating and solving the mystery of the Invisible House, the party returned to their primary objective: investigating who framed them. The party journeyed to Ginendoa where they had been told a man, named John Smith, lived.

John was a farmer, but apparently he had been the one who had painted the runes in the mayor’s house that had been used to frame them.

They arrived at the house to find John dead and his house being searched by two men.

They interrogated the two men and discovered that they worked for an organization based in a cave nearby. The group got a bit more out of them, and began to suspect that this organization was who framed them. They traveled to the cave and cleared it out of bandits, finding at the back a strange structure.

The structure appeared to be a sort of arena, most likely used for gladiatorial fights. It had long since been abandoned, but the party found footprints in the dust that suggested someone was nearby.

After they entered the large part of the arena where the fights had been held, they were locked in, and the Dark Mage appeared. He attempted to steal their weapons- the Sword of Time and the Polearm of Light, to be specific- and almost made of with them by using a sword that seemed to control ice. However, quick thinking on the part of Logan not only resulted a grievous injury to the Dark Mage but also caused the Mage to only make off with the Sword of Time, leaving the Polearm of Light to the party.

The Dark Mage left and opened a pre-built box that contained a Cold Rider, however not before he tricked the party into accidentally opening a gate for him to enter the guild. One of his minions appeared to have killed Ducante, but the Dark Mage left before they could determine anything specific.

The party made their way with haste back to the guild, worried about what may come next.


What, no mention of Cyrus’s badass death scream?

The Second Lead

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