Broken Home

The First Lead

The party sat in their cell, waiting. As they did, they heard a sound. A man, after taking out the guards patrolling the corridor, came up to their cell. Announcing his name as Ducante, he helped the party escape through his powerful magical artifacts.

Ducante informed them that he was the leader of the Stonehold Guild, a secret organization that hunted down and imprisoned or killed people who abused the powers magic granted. He explained that the party had most likely been framed by a particular mage the Guild had been after for a while. Ducante offered the group shelter and membership to the Guild, which would willingly provide work and shelter to the party.

Ducante then took them the Guild’s base of operations. The Guild Hall was a keep built into a cavern wall. The cavern itself was reachable only by two teleporter pads operated by powerful and ancient magic. The cave, secluded deep inside the Falacyan Mountains, is easily defended. Currently, however, much of it was taken up by a travelling bazaar that sold numerous fantastic items and had a similar atmosphere to a Gypsy camp. The bazaar was an extension of the Guild, a way to gather information.

After resting for a while, the party received some requests from Ducante. First, he had two side jobs for them: hunting wolves and investigating a strange, disappearing house. Then, he told them he had found a lead on those who had framed the party. A man named John Smith had been hired to paint the runes and lived on a farm just outside Ginendoa.

The party left, but not before Soren picked up a strange magical eye that could see around corners and reveal the true names of those it observed. The party first took care of the wolves, after which they realized they were not fully prepared for the long journey ahead of them and returned to Stonehold Keep to gather some more supplies.

Upon their return, they discovered that a strange woman had appeared out of nowhere. Ducante and the Guild’s mage, Gillian, informed them that this woman, Layla, had gone missing twenty years ago, the victim of an attack by the mage, who they have named the Dark Mage. During the battle, the mage had given Ducante the scar that ran down his left cheek. Ducante and Gillian had no idea why the mage sent Layla forward twenty years in time, but they were glad to have her safe. They suggested she help the party, since she clearly needed something to do. The party also ran into a strange man by the name of Cyrus. Cyrus introduced himself with an exchange of… words with Strale. The party let him join their adventures, albeit with a bit of apprehension.

With their new members in tow and their supplies fully stocked, the party left to investigate the strange invisible house.



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