Broken Home

The Death of Stonehold

The party arrived back at the teleporter pads that lead to the Stonehold Keep, but they discovered the pads deactivated and Gillian lying near death on the teleporter. With Cyrus dying in the fight with the Cold Rider, the group was cautious of hiring any new help, and so questioned a person named James. James revealed he was friends with Cyrus, and that he knew someone nearby who could help Gillian.

James and the Party took Gillian back to the nearby Dam, where James found him help. Later, Gillian helped the party into town and informed them of the events of recent past.

Gilliian told the party that everyone in Stonehold Keep was dead. Besides the party, Gillian was certain that he was the only surviving member. Sylvan, Ducante’s weapon, had been taken in the confusion.

Without access to Stonehold’s library, Gillian sent the party after Katil, a famous mage who knew quite a bit about ancient weapons, although Gillian suspected that the weapons were those wielded by the Six long ago. However, Katil would know more.

The party managed to find out that Katil was most likely in Fort Inosha, a military town that would be difficult to enter. While in Cinderhome, the party picked up some entrance quests for two guilds.

With a new lead and new quests under their belt, the party set out for the first time without any hope of help from the Guild.


Oh, so you put it in here. At least keep the deaths in the adventure period they happened in would ya?

The Death of Stonehold

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