Broken Home

Of Assassins and Impropriety

After turning in the night-shade quest for the Mages’ Guild and received their initiation coins, Soren and Logan accepted a new quest to investigate some crimes being committed by a mage in Traveler’s Rest. The party who are members of the Fighters’ Guild received a request to find someone who robbed the military coffers and resulted in the Fighters’ Guild losing their biggest contract. In addition, Menden received a vision from Lyseria and was asked to look for a tablet that was left behind by Zayutan to determine what should happen after he is killed.

After discussing all of these occurrences, the party set out for Traveler’s Rest. Once their, they discovered that many stores had been robbed, including a caravan. They quickly sussed out those responsible; namely two assassins who were posing as mages through trickery and alchemical potions. One was marking targets while the other would rob said targets. They kept the man calling out marks busy with… well, “fun” activities and found and killed the man doing the robbing. After returning the goods stolen to their rightful owners, and receiving a small cut for their troubles, the party spent the night at the inn (for free, due to the grateful innkeeper) and then set out for their original goal: Fort Inosha



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