Broken Home

Doing Their Job

After their brief and… “adventurous” stay in Traveler’s Rest, the party travelled to Ginendoa to complete their massive quest log.

They began by looking for information related to the powerful weapons they had discovered that the Dark Mage seems so intent on getting. To this end, Logan sought out Katil, a famous historian of artifacts. To speed up the research, Logan helped Katil and while doing so found information relating to the Helm of the Sentinel, Vestments of Equinus, Ring of the Voidwalker, Tome of the Infinite, and Cavern of Crossroads.

In addition, Alethe and Strale investigated and found the man who stole all of that money from the military and successfully returned it.

Finally, Menden found the prophet of Zayutan and discovered that the tablet that held the instructions for finding a new Zayutan was hidden in Fire’s Den.

With all of that questing under their belt, the party returned to Cinderhome and prepared to enter the newly opened Arena.



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