Broken Home

Catching Up

After plunging through the dungeon with the party, Menden managed to make it through the trials and complete her pilgrimage, Menden received the Robes of Equinus.

After this, the party traveled into Cinderhome and went to the Fighter’s Guild. Once hearing of it, they completed this contract:

The Helpless Maiden:
Previous Quest: None
Trigger Condition: Accept the Quest from the Fighters’ Guild
Intro Dialogue: The quest ticket reads: “The Guild requests thine aid in a matter of great urgency. The daughter of the King of Gideon has been kidnapped! His majesty is in great distress! Thine Guild hath been contracted to find and return the princess to her rightful place in the palace. Speak with thine Guild Master to accept this contract.”
Quest Objective: Find the Princess and bring her home.
Quest Dungeon: Dungeon 7 on Dungeons for Quests
Follow-Up Quest: The King’s Favor
Quest Outline:
Accepting the Quest
The Guild Master introduces the quest to them and orders them to Ginendoa. He informs them that the reward is 10,000 Gold per person, knighthood (asking about this reveals that knighthood pardons all outstanding warrants and grants sway in all towns of Gideon), and a choice of item within the Palace’s Vault.
To Ginendoa
The party arrives and speaks with the King, who reveals that she was last seen in her room. Investigating the room reveals a fine dust that used to be the curtains, suggesting magical means of entry. The party may question anyone at the palace.
The Questioning
Reveal at a random time that a strange merchant had been in the palace the day before selling wares. He has not been seen since. Investigating further at taverns reveals that the Darkened Brew on Merchant’s Way is a favorite of all travelling merchants.
The Darkened Brew
Questioning the Inn Keeper reveals that the merchant they are looking for left in quite a hurry was here, but vanished two nights ago. He was last seen travelling to the city wall to meet a caravan of his.
The Wall
Investigating the wall and the party finds the dead body of the merchant, his clothes having been stolen. The merchant was stabbed in the back of the head quickly and efficiently, suggesting a trained hand. Investigating around the body reveals a black coin dropped in the mud.
The Coin
Taking the coin to a library reveals little. However, the party notices a figure following them. The figure is an assassin from the Assassin’s Guild. He is easily apprehended and reveals that he took a side job for fun. He was hired by a man in Freedom to kidnap the princess.
Arriving in Freedom, the party asks around and finds a man matching the description staying in a local Inn called the Strange River.
Strange River
The man is in the inn, and the party gets him to reveal that there are a group of cultists who hired him to find a kidnapper. They are holding a ritual in a nearby cave.
The Cave
The cultists are going to use the princess as a vessel for the demon they worship. The party must stop this ritual.
Pardon Me
The party, assuming they’re still alive, is pardoned by the King and knighted. They receive a major boost in fame which grants them 10% off at all stores and entry to all Guilds should they choose it. They gain entry to the Guards “Guild” and can now collect bounties by catching criminals. You can moderately order around the Guards.
The Quest advances the party two ranks in the Fighters’ Guild automatically.



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