Broken Home

Catacombs are Gnome Fun

With the rest of the party distracted by the allure of fame and fortune in the arena, Logan and Menden decided to do a few things on their own.

First, Menden fought a solo match in the Arena. Gravely out-maneuvered and out-classed by the Half-Orc Sorcerer she fought against, Menden threw herself at the enemy in a hilarious and ill-planned suicide attempt and took away half of the Arena Points she would have received upon victory even though she lost.

During this, Logan met a Gnome Bard, Skanath, who gave a letter from Katil, mentioning that he had a new lead on the next weapon of the Six, known as Deliverance, and that he suggested the party return to Fort Inosha as soon as possible. Katil then traveled to the Cinderhome library and researched a few topics, but uncovered nothing interesting. Taking a brief study break in the Cinderhome Mages’ Guild Hall, Logan ran into the head of the newly formed necromancy division in Cyacus Towers, who was in town investigating a strange death. Logan offered his help upon returning to Cinderhome.

Skanath, who had been sent by Katil to help the party, went to the local Tavern and asked around for ways to enter the Catacombs under Ginendoa without entering the city and breaching its magical defenses. He found a traveler who informed him about a discovered entrance in the sewers.

With this information, Logan, Menden, and Skanath all traveled to Ginendoa. They entered the catacombs and encountered powerful skeletal warriors. With only one of the many branches explored, they readied their weapons and plunged deeper into the dungeon.



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